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Elisabeth Bennington

Breaking News: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court appointed Lisa Bennington, to the Domestic Relations Rules Committee for a 3 year term. The Committee consists of only 7 divorce lawyers in the state and the role is to advise the Supreme Court on matters related to the procedural rules governing actions for divorce, support, custody, paternity and protection from abuse.

When you are facing a separation or divorce, the unknown territory you are facing can be frightening. Winning in a divorce can be defined in many ways. Winning may mean primary physical custody of your children, a rightful claim to marital assets, use of property, preservation of a closely held family business, and the list goes on.

Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer Elisabeth (Lisa) Bennington is the lawyer you need who will guide you through the process. She will take the time to carefully explain the concepts of divorce, equitable distribution, custody, child and spousal support and alimony. She will return your calls promptly and protect you, your children and your assets with a legal strategy formulated for your circumstances.

She will help you to fully analyze the situation you are facing, identify key issues you need to have under control then formulate an effective – and quick – strategy.

A skillful lawyer with an unsurpassed dedication to her clients, Lisa will help you through the emotional process and focus her strategy on what truly matters; a fair settlement. Lisa always approaches cases with the idea of an amicable settlement in mind, but if a settlement is not possible, Lisa will aggressively litigate your case to conclusion.

Lisa dedicates her practice exclusively to the litigation areas of divorce, custody, support, protection from abuse as well as to the drafting of prenuptial agreements, and property settlement agreements.

Contact Lisa for a careful analysis of your case, your possible next steps and what you will be facing.

Lisa concentrates her practice in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties, but also will travel to Butler, Beaver, Washington, Lawrence, Fayette, Greene, Crawford, Elk, McKean.

Points to consider when
1) Keep a custody journal of important dates and occurrences with your children

2) Make a list of assets and debts then compile supporting documentation

3) Copy your last 3 years of tax returns (including all schedules) and most recent paystubs for you and your spouse

4) Identify what issues are most important to you

Lisa will assist you in a complete and thorough list in order to fully prepare you to be in the best strategic position possible before beginning the divorce process.

Points to consider when
  • In my initial consultation, I will thoroughly review your case and we will discuss our strategy for each aspect of your case, taking into consideration: the preservation of assets, initial income analyses, and stability for your children
  • I make every effort to return your call or email within 24h, if not a few hours.
  • The key decisions in your case will always be made as a team between the two of us. I will not delegate case strategy to an associate.

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